You can delete your CyberStart account at any time. Deleting your account will also delete all the information CyberStart has on file for you except for data we are legally required to keep for security and auditing reasons. To learn more about what data CyberStart keeps after you delete your account and why we must keep it, please read our Privacy Policies.

If you are a participant of CyberStart programmes such as CyberStart America or Cyber FastTrack, deleting your CyberStart account does not delete your data from the programme database. If you want to delete your data from one of our partner programmes, please email your programme's support team for assistance.


Steps to Delete your CyberStart account

1. Sign in to your CyberStart account

Sign in to your CyberStart account at


2. Navigate to your "Personal Details" page in the Account section

After signing in, you will be taken to your CyberStart Dashboard. At the top right, hover over where it says "Account", and you should see a dropdown menu appear. In this menu, click on the "Personal Details" link.


3. Navigate to the "Delete My Account" page

On the left side of the page, you should see a "Delete My Account" link. Click this link to be taken to the tool that lets you delete your CyberStart account.


4. Enter your CyberStart password and confirm you want to delete your account

To ensure your account cannot be deleted without your approval, your password is required to confirm the account deletion request. Enter your password and click "Delete Account".


5. Sign out of your account

After you have confirmed you want your account to be deleted, you will see this page, which confirms your account is scheduled to be deleted:

In case you change your mind, we wait 30 days before we delete your account. Anytime within this 30 days, you can reactivate your account by signing in to CyberStart and clicking the "Reactivate Account" button.

After 30 days, your CyberStart account and your data will be deleted, and will not be recoverable. You can create a brand new CyberStart account with the same email you used before, if you like, but your previous account is now fully and completely deleted.

You should sign out of your account using the "Sign Out" link on this page (under the "Reactivate Account" button) so that no one else can access your account before it is deleted.