Here at CyberStart, we are always working to provide our customers with a world-class educational experience. We've been engineering and architecting for months to build a totally new version of CyberStart which will enable us to seamlessly deliver exciting new content and features to our customers. But in order to do this we need to migrate to a new platform.

Given the volume of changes we are making, it did not make sense to migrate our customer's data to the new version of CyberStart. This means we will be re-building our user base and will require a new account to be created if you decide to stick with us. You will be able to create your new account using any email address you like, including one that you have used for CyberStart previously.

We are doing this once to build the future of CyberStart and we hope you will support us as we begin a new chapter in what we hope will be a very exciting journey!