To keep things fair for everyone, the CyberStart team doesn't provide hints or guidance on how to solve challenges, except where we do so in places like our blog for everyone to see. If you message into support or DM us in social asking for a hint... you'll receive only a "keep trying" reply from us.

If you're stuck, make sure to head over to the Field Manual - there's lots of rich content designed to help fill in your knowledge gaps.

If you do still find yourself unsure of the next step, there are some really useful walkthroughs in the Field Manual. The walkthroughs will guide you through solving the challenge, teaching you how real cyber security experts go about solving hard problems. 

You're also expected to make use of all the tools at your disposal... and that includes Google! Unfamiliar with a word or technical term in a briefing? Do an internet search and see what you can learn; often just getting a little clarity on some unfamiliar language or new commands can get you unstuck.

Remember, lots of our challenges include hints, but these come with a cost so use them wisely!